Review Policy

We do a fair number of reviews, across a wide variety of products and categories. One way we can give back to the community is by providing our opinions—and believe me, we have opinions.

Reading one of our reviews?

It will be as honest as we know how to make it, regardless of how we acquired the product or service. If we didn’t purchase it, we’ll let you know, as that fact may change how you view our review. (It doesn’t change how we’ll review it, though.)

In general we’ll have a (disclosed) affiliate link for reviewed products, often through Amazon, sometimes through the company itself. We will always provide a non-affiliate link as well. Affiliate links are a way (if minimal) to help recoup some of the time and effort put into our reviews.

Want us to do a review of your product?

No problem—we love free things. We don’t love crappy things: we will give our honest opinion, good or bad. Public reviews are generally free, but please reach out to us first at to make sure, even if you’ve sent us products before. Keeps our mailroom much happier.

Want a non-public review of your product?

Also no problem—we still love free things and have a lot to say about product design, usability, and utility. Depending on the product under review we may charge a (small, reasonable) fee for our feedback. Contact us at and we’ll figure something out.

We also enjoy collaborating on product design and development, particularly in the embedded system, application, Maker tools, and hobby/craft spaces.