Refactor: Simple jQuery Code

This is our first code-oriented post and discusses some refactoring issues from a Stack Overflow question. Here we'll take a quick look at the main issues in the code. The screencast goes into more detail about specific refactorings, and refactoring in general--it's a bit of a slog at 30+ minutes, but particularly for beginners, it… Continue reading Refactor: Simple jQuery Code

Quick Look: Makerfocus NodeMCU Board with 18650 Battery On-Board

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate (and direct) links to the reviewed product on Amazon. As fun as adding a voltage booster (for 5V projects) and/or voltage regulation and a charge circuit is to our designs, sometimes it's nice to just have everything done for us. We're big fans of the ESPxxxx/NodeMCU ecosystem: they're cheap, they're… Continue reading Quick Look: Makerfocus NodeMCU Board with 18650 Battery On-Board

Build: Arduino Tachometer (Reflective Style)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate (and direct) links to some parts off Amazon for making a (relatively) hand-held device as well as the commercial product we replaced. In the first book of the Maker's End Inspiration Series, Arduino Inspiration, we're controlling some computer fans to make a pleasant desk fan. To get some data on… Continue reading Build: Arduino Tachometer (Reflective Style)