Welcome to the Blog!

Who We Are

Maker’s End is a (very ) loose collective of craftsman, technologists, and developers sharing a common, cross-disciplinary vision. We marry old-world craftsmanship to the new-world order, from furniture to lighting to bespoke software development. We do a bit of everything, bringing attention to detail, communication, and a unique perspective to all our creative and technical endeavors.

What’s In a Name?

The name “Maker’s End” evokes a specific image for us: a hobbit hole at the end of a path where creators find a home. We’d like you to feel at home here too, and invite us in to your home or business as well: we’re wonderful guests.

What To Expect

Anything, at any time. We have many projects under active development, from STEM/STEAM educational resources to kid’s books to office lighting to robot kits as well as our more-standard fare. And a disturbing number of blog posts covering a wide range of material.

Many of our designs will be documented on our blog (and often available across multiple social platforms), sometimes with video. Many software-based products will have some or all of the code available via GitHub (pull requests always welcome—if we decide not to put it in the mainline code we’ll always put a link to your fork).

Great things are afoot at Maker’s End—enjoy the ride!